Petrol to top 140 a litre within weeks, down from 5.3. Total fuel cost per tonne will be about half the price for petrol and diesel but will be much less expensive compared to diesel fuel at first and be more expensive than petrol over 30 years. In short, drivers are getting much cleaner air. There are also other benefits, says Muffi. For example, he says that the price of energy-intensive equipment such as coal-fired power plants that require air conditioning will drop dramatically as cars become more efficient. "The whole electricity system needs to change - not just the power sector. Cars will be much cleaner, but cars also need to be more fuel-efficient," he explains. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Some petrol stations are also being asked to give customers reduced price rises for extended periods of time And that, Muffi believes, is the real reason for a renewed interest in car ownership. There are now more than 5 million cars on Australian roads - twice the size of New Zealand's car-loving population - and more than 400,000 petrol stations across the country, mostly in inner Sydney and Canberra. They are also the ones driving down the cost of petrol so they can get to work. This is partly due to the state of the economy and some of the low costs in the fuel markets. It is also down to the fact that electric cars can provide cheap and convenient modes of transport and many motorists want a cheaper and cleaner alternative to petrol for the whole journey. But it is also because fuel is expensive and people are driving more - not less. And it is for this reason the state-owned fleet operator, AGL Energy, has been asked to sell some of its petrol stations for a "reasonable price" 우리카지노of around $7 (£5.10; $6.35) a litre, just five years after it was introduced. The firm has said it will sell a further 7.2 million litres of the fuel annually. Meanwhile, many smaller petrol stations have also been offered a discount by gas stati바카라on chains that have been forced to lay off staff or close altogether. M더킹카지노edia playback is unsupported on your device Media caption AGO boss Andrew Stobart says the industry needs "an efficient fuel price" But one thing all the smaller petrol stations and gas station chains have in common is they do not have enough fuel and they are using a lot more it up. So while th