Calm hopes to head off cane toad spread The governor of California was among a group of local and federal officials who visited the plant last week to try to stop the spread of the cane toad. California has strict controls on the production and distribution of edible insects and in 2005 put in place a ban on planting genetically modified, drought-resistant crops. That included planting only one type of toad in every state, as has been permitted under the California law. The state also prohibits farming of any new types of toads that do not exist within the current crop. As of June 30, there were only six acres of cane toads in California, and in the first month of that jarvees.comyear, just five tons were planted, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The new rule would reduce the total number of cane toads produced to just one hectare, but would not affect the overall size of the cane toad population, he said. 'Beneath all law' On Monday, the president of the California Cooperative Extension Service, David Bittner, said his agency has met with growers in the state's agric바카라ultural region우리카지노 to share their views on the proposed rule change. "We are working with our experts, our field team members and the growers from all over this state on this and hopefully this could be the best outcome that we can achieve with the public in mind," he told Reuters. California is already among several countries with strict controls on the production and distribution of insects and is one of three states, along with Hawaii and Vermont, that do not allow the toad to be planted, Bittner said. Although the new rule is not binding on agricultural counties, there will be a state process to determine a local distribution area for commercial cane toad-planting, he said. Some areas could get up to 75 acres per year, with the rest going to small towns and farms in coastal areas of the state, he added. Celtic toads are found across North America, and there are hundreds of millions of them around the world, mostly in the tropics.